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  • size:22cm

  • size:23cm

  • size:24cm

  • size:25cm

  • size:26cm

  • size:27cm

  • size:28cm

This is a remodeled training shoe from the 1960’s which is still manufactured today without compromise to design, quality and comfort. It has a reputation of being a very strong and durable shoe. FINE VULCANIZED This is an all weather model shoe covered by rubber on most of cavas upper. It is designed to be worn in rainy,snowy, muddy conditions. material: CANVAS SOLE / FINE VULCANIZED RUBBER size: 22,23,24,25,26,27,28cm [MOONSTAR] Founded in Kurume, Japan in 1873, MoonStar originated as a producer of the tabi (Japanese traditional footwear which is like a five-fingered sock with a rubber sole). Our unprecedented technology and experience have been cultivated over more than 135 years, and we continue to be innovators in the field of footwear today. * Since we share inventory with our real shop in Japan, items you order might turn out to be out of stock. In that case, we will let you know about it. * If the order quantity large, please contact us. <Return Policy> Return and exchange are not acceptable for international shippings. We do not accept the return and exchange according to your convenience and for any reasons. In case the item is shipped back to Japan due to imposibility to deliver, carriage for teturn will be charged to you.